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Sabina Perry

Tanz, Schauspiel

Tanztheater, Modern, Ballett

Sabina Perry

portraitiert am 03.03.2010

Warum tanzt du?
I Dance because it gives me joy and energy. Dance brings out a part of us which is sometimes lost in everyday life. The chance to connect to my body and who I really am under everything.

In welchen Städten bist du in Sachen Tanz unterwegs?
Amsterdam, Koln, Dusseldorf, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Berlin Toronto, Melbourne

An welchem Ort in Köln tanzt du?
MD Collective

Was macht deinen Tanzstil aus?
I think I try and combine text and movement as a signature style. My voice, My arms , my legs, my head, my hands they are all equal parts to me in my approach to dance. Making the choices of what to do or use is the key in who I am as a dancer.

Wie bist du zum Tanzen gekommen?
My mother was a classical Ballerina for 10 years. When I was 13 I decided to try it out and I have not been able to stop!

Wie stellst du dir Deine Zukunft vor?
At this point, I do not know. I would always like to be involved in creative and artistic endeavors, but at one moment I believe I will be able to let Dance go, when the time is right. Maybe a family, maybe not :)

Was möchtest du unbedingt noch erleben bevor Du stirbst?

Wer sind deine Helden / innen?
My mother

Welche Musik berührt dich?
too many kinds.......

Once you are facing the right direction, all you have to do is keep on going.


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